The establishment of Climate Ethanol Alliance

The Climate Ethanol Alliance (CEA), representing interests in Europe, the US, and Asia, has been established to advance transport decarbonisation. The Alliance brings together bioethanol producers, service providers, and input suppliers within the bioeconomy to support the climate action goals of the Paris Agreement and accelerate the transport sector's transition towards low carbon emissions.

Founded by Pannonia Bio and the Renewable Fuels Association, with support from Eco-Energy, IFF, Lallemand, Murex, and Praj, the Climate Ethanol Alliance is committed to promoting renewable ethanol as a sustainable alternative to oil. The Alliance advocates for evidence-based policymaking in transport decarbonisation.

With over two decades of real-world evidence, ethanol has demonstrated its viability as an alternative to oil. Continuous technological innovation within the bio-based economy has resulted in significant benefits for the climate, rural development, farming, energy independence, and air quality.

As climate change mitigation and transport priorities evolve, the role of ethanol is being reassessed for its potential as a sustainable solution. 

  • Drawing on more than a decade of real-world experience, the CEA emphasizes the importance of evidence-based policymaking. Revisiting and rebranding ethanol is essential, given its proven effectiveness and cost-efficiency.
  • The introduction of High-Octane Fuels is deemed necessary for liquid fuel standards to deliver on climate goals. Standardizing E20 (20% ethanol blended in petrol) with increased octane is identified as a critical step forward.
  • The ethanol industry is well-positioned to lead carbon removal efforts. Recognizing the cost-effectiveness of Fermentation Carbon Capture and Storage (FCCS) is vital for policy frameworks aimed at addressing climate change.
The Climate Ethanol Alliance partners advocate for policies that deliver tangible results and actions that effectively contribute to climate mitigation efforts. They believe it is time to align policy discussions with the reality of ethanol's capabilities and contributions. 

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