Outreach during festive period

For its traditional winter festive donation, Pannonia Bio is supporting Dunaföldvár’s social catering initiative, the construction of a stage and the expansion of playgrounds in the community.

This year, the company is supporting a social catering program in Dunaföldvár in collaboration with the Hungarian Red Cross and the local Child Welfare Services.

Pavel Kudriavtcev - CEO of Pannonia Bio, Zsolt Horváth - Major of Dunaföldvár, Ferenc Hódos - Strategic Director of Pannonia Bio, Katalin Jung - leader of Dunaföldvár's Child Welfare Services, Géczi László Balázs - representative of Red Cross Dunaföldvár

Pannonia Bio is donating HUF 7,200,000 in support of the projects proposed by the Municipality of Dunaföldvár. In addition to the social catering program, the company intends to help the construction of a local community stage for Sárgagödör square, and to expand equipment of the playgrounds in Ifjúság square and Alsó Bölcske street.