Pannonia Bio reaches out in Dunaföldvár

From left to right: Ferenc Hódos, strategic director at Pannonia Bio Zrt., Dunaföldvár Mayor Zolt Horváth, Márta György and Edina ÚR-Hosszú (far right) from the children’s foundation

Pannonia Bio donated 3 000 000 HUF towards community initiatives in Dunaföldvár during December this year – The Future of Our Children ("Gyermekeink Jövőjéért") foundation in Kossuth Lajos street received 1 500 000 HUF whilst the remainder was given to Dunaföldvár’s local government, Red Cross and Child Welfare and Basic Services to distribute meals between 24 December 2018 to 2 January 2019.

Katalin Jung (middle) from local services flanked by Ferenc Hódos (left) and Zsolt Horváth (right)

Dunaföldvár’s municipality, Red Cross and Family and Child Welfare and Basic Services will be distributing food to those in need during the festive period, supported by funding from Pannonia Bio.

Anita Jeszek, PR coordinator at Pannonia Bio, holds up a fingerprint painting gift from the children

“It is important to uplift our local community,” says Ferenc Hódos, strategic director at Pannonia Bio. “We believe in supporting and developing initiatives such as the children’s foundation and the Family and Child Welfare and Basic Services as our company is able to make a direct contribution to improve the lives of children and those in need within our community.”

Ferenc Hodos (left) shakes hands with Mayor Zsolt Horváth (right)

“We have a longstanding relationship with Pannonia Bio,” says Zsolt Horváth, Mayor of Dunaföldvár. “Not only does the company provide a much needed tax income for the municipality, but Pannonia Bio makes various contributions to support and uplift the community of Dunaföldvár.”

Today the new playground boasts a climbing area and slide
The Future of Our Children foundation was afforded a new playground for their kindergarten. Prior to the donation, the foundation only had soccer posts as an outside play area. Today this site sports a climbing rig, slide and swing. 

Snowcapped slide, ready for outside play

Children’s outside play area awaits good weather