Pannonia Plus BPC

Barley Protein Concentrate

The protein concentrate produced at the new barley processing plant of Pannonia Bio is a real novelty on the European market. This revolutionary technology has been successfully applied on an industrial scale for the first time in the world, allowing Pannonia Bio to launch a barley-based feed ingredient with over 60% protein content.

The protein concentrate, sold under the brand name Pannonia Plus Barley Protein Concentrate, can be used widely. It can be an economical, locally produced and safe alternative to concentrated protein sources (such as corn gluten, wheat gluten, potato protein, soy concentrate), some of which are imported, for feeding ruminants, pigs and poultry. The guaranteed non-GMO feed ingredient also has significant potential in the aquaculture and hobby animal segments.



  • Highly digestible, concentrated protein
  • Guaranteed GMO and antibiotic-free
  • Can replace soybean meal
  • Safe and secure, because it is made in a domestic supply chain
  • Neutral flavour, well mixable
  • Easy to store and mix with other ingredients
  • Controlled by a market-leading toxin testing system


  • Harvesting: The processed barley is grown on local farms in strict compliance with European sustainability criteria.
  • Testing: All shipments of barley are inspected and tested before storage.
  • Storage: The unloaded barley undergoes a pre-cleaning process: the barley grains are cleaned of awn and other impurities.
  • Cleaning & Grinding: The barley grain is separated from the husk and then milled in three stages. Husk, fiber and bran are collected separately and sold as Barley Husk for animal feed after further processing.
  • Cooking: The starch content of the barley is converted into sugars at high temperatures using water and amylase enzymes. The sugars are later converted into ethanol.
  • Separation: Centrifuges are used to separate the glucose-rich wet fraction from the protein-rich dry fraction, and to separate the barley fiber, which is sold for animal feed or used to produce biogas.
  • Drying: After drying and pelleting, a premium feed ingredient with over 60% protein content is obtained.
  • Transportation: The finished product is sold in 1-ton big bags.

Recommended applications


Product specification

Crude protein ≥ 60,0%
Crude fat ≥ 6,0%
Crude fiber ≤3,5%
Ash ≤2,0%
Starch ≤1,2%
*= Parameters are based on dry matter and are provided for information only.

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