Pannonia Gold


As a by-product of ethanol production, Pannonia Bio produces DDGS, i.e. Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles, which it sells to domestic and international feed producers under the Pannonia Gold brand. Rich in protein, vegetable fats and phosphorus, this feed ingredient has been shown to help livestock gain weight and increase milk yield. It can partially replace the use of soybean meal, one of the most expensive elements in animal feed, mainly imported from the US, but it is also an excellent alternative to sunflower and rapeseed meal in formulations.


  • Excellent source of energy, easily digestible protein, and phosphorus
  • Guaranteed GMO and antibiotic-free
  • Stable quality, consistent nutrient composition
  • Made with gentle heat treatment technology, making it easy to digest
  • Its dried yeast cell content is prebiotic, aids digestion
  • Controlled by a market-leading toxin testing system
  • Available by road, rail and river transport
  • Economical feed: can replace soybean meal and other protein sources, making livestock production more profitable


  • Harvesting: The feed corn processed by Pannonia Bio is mainly grown in local farms, adhering strictly to European sustainability criteria.
  • Testing: All corn shipments are lab-tested before arriving at the plant.
  • Grinding and separation: The husk of the corn kernel is broken to access the starch. Following grinding, the fiber is separated and is used in other processes at the biorefinery.
  • Cooking: Starch is converted to sugars through the addition of enzymes.
  • Fermentation: Fermentation takes place with the help of enzymes and yeasts at a gentle temperature over a period of 75 hours.
  • Separation: During separation, the solid fraction is removed and sent to the dryers. The wet fraction is used for bioethanol production.
  • Drying: WDGS are placed in a rotating drum and dried with hot air. This is how Pannonia Gold DDGS reaches its final form.
  • Storage of DDGS: The high-quality finished product is stored onsite.
  • Transportation: DDGS is loaded into trucks, wagons and barges via a conveyor belt system, using a weighbridge and telescopic handler.

Recommended applications

Product specification

Crude protein ≥35%
Digestible protein 83%
Crude fat ≥9,0%
Crude fiber ≤4%
Ash ≤4-6%
Starch ≤3 %
*= Parameters are based on dry matter and are provided for information only.


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